I present to you a collection of heavy machinery in a new way never seen before. Made with natural wood, detailed in a way that will not lose it’s veins nor it’s trademarks. Each project it’s hand made and carefully design to its highest quality. Each piece of equipment it made of different kinds of woods such: pine, mahogany, oak and many others. Making each art piece a perfect detailed piece of work.
I have many trucks of different brands with excellent details, for the kind of people that like to collect these kinds of trucks. The interior and exterior are made to be like the ones in the real world, not missing a single detail. I also have many other models of heavy machinery that will take your breath away, in the amount of details they carry. The detail that many of this pieces have, gives them the realistic look like the actual live size. Little by little I will be adding more models to the page so you can check them out.
To better the art pieces so I wont miss any detail, comments and suggestion are shared to better the pieces, so I can make them more to your appeal.
I encourage you to please comment and email me a picture of the model you would like with measurements so I can build them for you. Remember I don’t miss any “Detail” because that’s what’s so important in this pieces of machinery.
All of the wood work are build with out using any kind of nails or screws. They are glued with special wood glue as well as nailed with wood plugs.
For those people that work hard and are experience and have memories of work and adventure, we also have a line of machines for them. From truck to heavy machines you name it, I can build it.
This pieces of art are build with natural pine wood so you can enjoy the details in the wood that “Doriel Wooden’s Collections” have for you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Compact track loader

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